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Thu Jun 22 16:25:23 EDT 2006

Tom Green'd:

<<<Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:14:17 -0400
From: Tom Green <trgreen at comcast.net>
Subject: [s-cars] (no subject)

Is that the 034-105-263-A pulley that lists for $76.39?  If so, we  
may be
looking for a group buy of those $45 pulleys.  :-)

I paid $68.75 in Feb.

Parts direct at s-cars.org has a 054 105 255 A crankshaft pulley for  
but I think that is the serpentine belt pulley that is bolted to the  
balancer ? or timing belt pulley.



I smell another GB...  count me in, since you're offering 8-).  Seems
we've got a number here that would already be in, and considering the
CPS GB success, this would likely be similar?  Someone, go for it?  NOT

I too am in the "tbelt parts Rossato on shelf" club here, all I was
waiting for was to order the crank pulley in the next week - go figure.
Rossato said he "thought" he'd gotten his from Clair for ~ $45, I just
haven't called yet.  

I say run a GB.  For once I opted to order both the pulley and CPS to
line up to do a job right, and now I stand in amazement at the absolute
rash of recent failures of both these items.  Spooky.  Our cars do
listen to the list.  Scary.  Looks like I'll be adding them "T" fittings
for the coolant lines near the firewall that appear to all be failing
recently as well, since coolant is drained.  Who made some mention of
some coolant line that runs from turbo across front of engine that we
should also be considering "while in there"?  Any further specificity
appreciated, I'm unfamiliar of such line.

I did peek @ my motor mounts during last night's oil change.  Like Chris
said, they do "appear" fine.  But @ 160k, me wonders, least on the turbo
side.  That one looked / felt like it has some flexible rubber "hat" on
top of it of sorts.  Or did the thing sever in two???  Wundrin if should
do that too "while in there"?  

On that note, where does one end???  Hmmmm, while in there, "replace
car"????  Heh heh...

-Paul baby has new shoes and soon new tbelt 'kit' K.
'95 //S6 approaching tbelt #3

ps.  Unrelated, totally:  my Smokey Edwerido post last week apparently
didn't go unnoticed...  Ed trolls!!!!!  Well friends, Edweirdo tells me
he TODAY picks up an '02 //S8, and will be sellin his '93 Euro E34 ///M5
3.8L, 63k, in the 20's.  Bastid.  I want that car!!!

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