[s-cars] Crank Pulley GB

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Jun 22 19:49:44 EDT 2006

I don't mind calling Clair and a few others about a quantity buy,
but I gave the list on that part, so I wouldn't expect we could
command a better price than - 20%, or $68 in individual hands.

Now, if those who have bandied about that $45 figure would step
up and tell where to execute that buy, then such an effort could be
successful. :-)


> I previously wrote:
> Is that the 034-105-263-A pulley that lists for $76.39?  If so, we
> may be
> looking for a group buy of those $45 pulleys.  :-)
> I paid $68.75 in Feb.
> Parts direct at s-cars.org has a 054 105 255 A crankshaft pulley for
> $105,
> but I think that is the serpentine belt pulley that is bolted to the
> harmonic
> balancer ? or timing belt pulley.

> PK offers:
> I smell another GB...  count me in, since you're offering 8-).  Seems
> we've got a number here that would already be in, and considering the
> CPS GB success, this would likely be similar?  Someone, go for it?   
> IT!

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