[s-cars] Whats leaking? Between gearbox and torsen..

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 25 13:43:38 EDT 2006


Smelly thick stuff is tranny oil. There is a vent cap on the top of the
transmission. If it plugs expansion of the tranny oil as it heats up will
pressurize the transmission and could push oil past the seals. If the tranny
is overfilled, excess oil may come out the vent if the vent isn't plugged.
It's not too likely the vent is plugged - there isn't a lot of dirt thrown
up there unless you've been rallying your UrS :)

If you have to change the rear seal, you have to remove the tailshaft
assembly and press the stub shaft out of the bearing to get at the seal
(great design, what?). You'll need a new seal, an new o-ring to seal the
tailshaft housing to the torsen case, and a new bearing on hand in case you
pooch the old one during the pressing operation. You'll have to remove the
exhaust, the cats, and disconnect the driveshaft at the transmission. You
don't have to drain the tranny oil although a bit may come out when you pull
the tailshaft assembly.

Take a good look around the rear seal. It was hard to spot the leak on my
car, but a powerful spotlight and a lot of looking finally did it. I still
don't know why the oil ran forward like it did.


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Ok. Lifted car again. Definitely thick stuff and smells.


I riched with my palm all way up top transmission close to the rear shaft
and all is dry.

There was some mentioning about plastic vent cap on top that can get


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When the rear tranny seal on my S4 started leaking the oil path looked like
that on your car. I initially thought the joint between the main case and
the torsen case was leaking. A thorough examination revealed the rear seal

Fred Munro
'94 S4
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I'd say thick and slippery. I didn't left any brake fluid during flash. Or
even if I did...
This leak was there before.

I have mechanic notes from PO, he inspected this car last February.
Quote "Transmission leak at the side of the case"

I'm sure it will be obvious with tranny out. Just wanted to gather some info
upfront since this is daily driver and I don't really want to leave it on a
lift waiting for more parts.


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I flushed brake fluid about 4-5 months ago. Fluid coming out of slave looked
"original" as it was all contaminated. May be it's slave leaking (I will be
happy if it is) - but Brake fluid reservoir still full where I left it at.
Is it possible that you could have left a puddle of fluid up there that has
since washed down the side of the trans. Seems unlikely that a leak from the
torsen could migrate up on to the trans mounting arm which is also wet with
the same fluid. You should get a better idea once the trans is out. Was the
fluid thick and slippery (trans oil) or thin and watery (brake fluid)?

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