[s-cars] How many people on this list have gone the 2.6 L route?

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My shift point is around 5600-5750...I wouldn't take it over 6k for sure.  I
can't force myself to shift earlier cuz the thing is still pulling so damn
hard attributed to some nice head work and a great exhaust system.  I have
tried shifting earlier and I lost about 0.4 mph pretty consistently through
the traps.

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  What's the redline on your 455? I wouldn't expect to see much more than
5000 rpm
  out of one of those engines.

  BTW, if anyone can answer this- what is the rod/stroke ratio of the C6 Z06
LS7 engine?
  7.0L and 7000+ rpm redline has got to be pretty tough on that engine,
especially considering
  that GM has to warranty it for 100k.

  What do NASCAR 358s run? They go north of 9000rpm these days, I'm assuming
that's a big
  bore, short stroke engine, though.

  Hap and you other guys running strokers north of 7000 rpm- I'm definitely
no engine expert,
  but isn't that really running on the ragged edge?

  Dave- take a look at a '67-69 Camaro Z-28 with the 302 engine- they
definitely have the looks and
  all the right sounds of American muscle cars but they can also turn and
stop. Same with the '69-70
  Boss 302 Mustangs. :-)


  On 6/24/06, calvinlc at earthlink.net <calvinlc at earthlink.net> wrote:
    I will say this, though.  A Pontiac 455 (which I happen to run in my
    Firebird) has a stock rod/stroke ratio of 1.57 and a piston speed of
    ft/min. (5750 rpm)  These engines routinely went for over 100k miles
    crap pistons and cast cranks/rods.  The differemces I guess I could see
    might make a difference are cruising rpm is happy at 1500-2500 rpm, no
    to wind it up to 3k+ when going 75 mph and piston side loading may not
be as
    bad due to the much larger bore (106mm).  However, 1.51 does strike me
as a
    little low....

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