[s-cars] How to ID Rear Differential

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Mon Jun 26 16:50:58 EDT 2006

Look for a stamping on the housing with either AFV or AXZ.  Those are the codes for the two different torsen rear differentials used on the V8.  I think it's on the bottom, but can't be sure, so look all over.  Either one is fine.


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From: "Douglas Fifield" <douglas.fifield at gmail.com>
> All,
> Have a spare differential that is supposed to be off of a V8.  Before
> I try to replace the seals, fluid, etc and attempt a swap in the S6, I
> want to verify that it is a V8 diff.  Can anyone tell me how to do
> that?
> Is there a P/N stamped on the case or some other identifying characteristics?
> TIA,
> Douglas

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