[s-cars] Trailing Arm bushings

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Wed Jun 28 18:58:18 EDT 2006

Are you are talking about the rear trapezoidal arm? Where it attaches to the 
rear cross member?

If so, this would be very hard, if not impossible to do while on the car. The 
bushing is rubber, but has a metal sleeve around the perimeter which requires 
significant force from a hydraulic press to get this in / out. I just went 
through this and I struggled to re/re this on a hydraulic press.

You are going to have to remove this from the car and take it to a machine 

1997 S6

Quoting Graham Hicks <urs6turbo at yahoo.ca>:

> I need to replace the driver's side inner trailing arm bushing.  I decided
> that I would buy 2 bushings and do both sides to keep things even, but can
> anyone suggest a method to press the old one out and the new one in that does
> not involve removing the whole trailing arm and taking it to a shop?  Is
> there a tool I can get to do the bushings without removing the arms?
> Graham Hicks
>   UrS6Turbo at Yahoo.ca
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