[s-cars] FMIC - provide real answwers

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 11:48:49 EST 2006

Did you not see my  :-)  <----

Geez I think you are getting old.....or is it older?
Maybe we should restart the discussion on how much Horsepower 
you can add to your car using cupholders and stickers! :-)

Oh and they do make meds for raging arsehole pain... 8-) <--- note :-)


--- pkrasusky at ups.com wrote:

> Hey, I SAID "8-)"...
> Why is it so hard?  Um, uh, mostly, well, b/c I'm a raging
> arsehole...
> ask anyone who knows me.
> 8-), again.
> Chris I'm reallllyyy surprised you had to ask that question.  Be
> happy
> my response was tongue in cheek, 1/2 the guys here will jump down his
> throat for considering doing that to a UrS.  I just like to have fun,
> at
> others expense, my own, whatever, fun's fun.
> More smileys.
> -Paul areshole - no_self_restraint_ to exercise K.
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> Ok, so just because you don't agree with what he wants why is it so
> hard to politely answer his question instead of making jokes? :-)
> Brian,
> Don't take their jokes to heart, you should have seen what they said
> when I inquired about cupholders! :-)
> there are if I recall correctly 2 commercially available FMIC's
> for the UrS4. Unfortunately they both cost about $2000-$2500.
> Others have managed to use readily available intercooler cores,
> and stainless steel turbo piping to make their own. This DIY route
> has netted good results at a cost I believe of about $600.
> As to getting any look you want, go look at the front of your car and
> you will quickly realize it will require cutting away of your bumper
> and perhaps the bumper core in order to be able to see the FMIC you
> install.
> Due to the cost I personally wouldn't go this route just for a look,
> but
> that decision is obviously up to you.

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