[s-cars] no more misfires!!! woo hoo!!!

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sat Mar 4 13:04:39 EST 2006

Jerry:  The procedure I wrote for the 1.8t coil pack conversion involves
trimming the silicon rubber coil pack seals but it still leaves a band
of about 5/8" of rubber that seals the coil pack into the spark plug
hole.  The coil pack itself grips onto the hex part of the spark plug to
the silicon seal is just for moisture.  Personally, living in Vancouver
where it rains A LOT, there are no issues with moisture splash.  BUT I
do run, and advocate running, the belly pan.

The "20v turbo" cover WILL fit over the 1.8t coil packs no problem (once
you remove the OE coils from it). HOWEVER, I think its a bad idea, based
on the heat build up and the likelihood of killing the internal POS
components sooner rather than later.

Dave F.

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