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Jim and Steve,

The comparison is a bit skewed for a couple of factors:

1. My butt dyno has not been calibrated, ever.
2. My butt dyno receptors ( hairs ) are not as sensitive as
they used to be, even though there seem to be more of them now
then there used to be buttt I'm getting older I guess
3. I have not completely solved my misfire/stumble under WOT.  

My car is currently set-up this way engine wise

95.5 S6 Avant
Stock MAF
Racetronix (Lucas/Delphi) 37#/hr injectors
RS2 Exhaust Manifold (honed)
RS2 Turbo
Forge 007 BPV
A relatively new WGFV that Ray Tomlinson sold me at the Mihnea
Tuning Session at Paulie's. I'm not 100% sure but I think he
may have said it was the RS2 WGFV (Don't know if there really
is one, but I am fairly certain it is not the stock replacement)
Samco hoses running to the Tom & Marc (034EFI) FMIC
Less than 10,000 miles on 5 OEM Beru Coils
Bosch 3 Bar Pressure Sensor
3" Stromung with test pipe
5 speed

Prior to the custom Mihnea tuning I was running MTM1+ software.

As most people have described it, the MTM1+ software has a
definite point at which you can feel the "kick". This is good
software for people with less sensitive butt dyno's as it is
very obvious when it's "ON".

Mihnea's software is more linear. It does not have that kick
that tells you that "the switch has been flipped".  I have to
admit that I was a bit disappointed with that initially
because it didn't "feel" fast, but his software provides a
smooth delivery of power. My runs at driving schools seem to
indicate that I am able to stay and pass V8 s-cars (PK has the
vid as proof), so something must be working right.

Run #1-Uncle Bobs Car - 95.5 S6 Avant
Bob Pastore let me drive his car for a bit. If he is lurking
perhaps he can correct my errors, but I think he is running
RS2 Turbo
RS2 injectors
Stock Exhaust
Stock Intercooler
6 speed

I have heard people say that his car is very fast, and I
believe it is.  I hope to better be able to describe it by
getting a ride at the Drivers School coming up next month, if
he is able to make it. On the street it was not a clear
discrenable difference between his car and mine. Again though,
I only had a few minutes in it and my butt dyno may not have
had enough time to calibrate properly. Plus I was looking out
for coppers.

Run#2 - Uncle Bob Driving my car
Well it was my car, hard to describe, I drive it every day so
I am used to it now.

Run #3 - Uncle Bob's ECU swapped into my Pig
This was not a "night and day" difference.  I was expecting to
feel more of the on/off effect in the software, but it did not
feel as abrubt as I remember my MTM1+ feeling.  His, I
beleive, is a recipe that is different than the MTM RS2 software.

My runs were mostly WOT runs. I would have liked to have had
more time with it to feel what partial throttle response felt
like. Bob thought that his software might offer a bit more
down low and mid range.  It was hard for me to tell, it was
probably there, but it wasn't hit you over the head obvious.

I didn't have any misfiring, pinging (93 Octane) during these
3 runs.

Run #4 - Swapped in Lehman Software ECU which I believe was RS2 

This was my least favorite.  Part of this could be due to the
misfires I was receiving on these runs.  It is possible that
my coils/wiring had heated up to the point where they would
have stumbled on any of the other software set-ups, but we
didn't swap back and hammer the car after this run to know for

Bob was surprised that the Lehman software had this effect. He
would have guessed that it would have been his software that
would have caused any irregularities when compared to the
Lehman stuff.

The Lehman software felt the "slowest", again, remeber my butt
dyno may not be the best.

Unfortunately there were a number of variables that may have
skewed the results. I think that since Mihnea custom tuned the
chip to my car and listened to some of my concerns about the
programming (I didn't want to have any pinging) I am hopefully
coming out ahead of the game.

It was a good time and Bob is a well of knowledge and a nice
guy. Now if I can only convince him to make it to the April
VIR event..........

Hope this helps.

95.5 UrS6 Avant


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Tell me something, who's software did you like the most? How
is your car set
up ?(engine mods)


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