[s-cars] Leaving the List

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Mar 4 19:37:12 EST 2006

Well, I think the time has come to say goodbye to the //S List.
It's been a great go and have enjoyed meeting many of you, but it's time.

The problem seems to be that my car has found a way to receive my e-mails.
It appears to be overseeing the list and developing every last symptom the gets talked about.

After spending 1K to fix a rusted oil return line (321 CAD from Stealer) + tranny and dif service.
The brat now has developed a problem with the fuel pump. It seems to run ok for a while then stalls and will not restart.
Today I pulled into a parking lot after a nice drive, no symptoms. I came out to drive home and it would start for a split second, then stall out. I could not rev it to keep it going. There appeared to be fuel pressure, but it sure has the symptoms of lacking fuel.

Once I let it sit, it will start but I don't wanna drive it anywhere as it may let me down again.


Oh, I am going to firewall my car so it can't intercept the e-mails


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