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Marc Gorelick marc at frogville.net
Sat Mar 4 21:40:23 EST 2006


I had exactly the same syptoms as you, and replaced the fuel pump...but 
it didn't solve the problem. In the end the culprit was a loose 
connector that provided power to the fuel pump relay. It was a very 
intermittent and hard to diagnose problem. Should the fuel pump not be 
your problem, check for loose or bad wires underneath the relay panel.

The fuel pump probably needed replacing anyway since it had about 140k 
miles on it...but you can imagine my joy the THIRD time I had to 
flat-bed the car back to my garage! Grrrrr!


Mark Strangways wrote:

>Well, I think the time has come to say goodbye to the //S List.
>It's been a great go and have enjoyed meeting many of you, but it's time.
>The problem seems to be that my car has found a way to receive my e-mails.
>It appears to be overseeing the list and developing every last symptom the gets talked about.
>After spending 1K to fix a rusted oil return line (321 CAD from Stealer) + tranny and dif service.
>The brat now has developed a problem with the fuel pump. It seems to run ok for a while then stalls and will not restart.
>Today I pulled into a parking lot after a nice drive, no symptoms. I came out to drive home and it would start for a split second, then stall out. I could not rev it to keep it going. There appeared to be fuel pressure, but it sure has the symptoms of lacking fuel.
>Once I let it sit, it will start but I don't wanna drive it anywhere as it may let me down again.
>Oh, I am going to firewall my car so it can't intercept the e-mails
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