[s-cars] Cheap/effective FMIC option w/ Sex and free beer!

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I would suggest that you read Corky Bells book on turbocharging (if you have
not already).  It goes in to detail about how little opening you actually
need to supply the intercooler with enough air.  Forgive me but I do not
remember the formula but it was somewhere around 1/4 of the size of the face
area of the intercooler.  The important thing is to make the outsides of
intercooler ducted so that there is a positive pressure in front of the
intercooler relative to the rear.  The thicker the intercooler the more
important this is.  

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Guys who like to mount it in front:

I started poking around the web to see what intercooler projects
looked like, finished.  Curiously, there is a bunch of photography
showing the front bumper and/or bumper cover off, but very little with
the whole thing all buttoned up.  Then I got to thinking - doesn't the
bumper/cover cut off a ton of airflow?  I mean, even with the S6+
bumper cover (yeah, right), it looks like a big pocket of dead air.

Gonna go out to the garage right now, with my imagination running full
blast, about how the whole thing will look all put back together, and
how much of the IC is actually in the airstream.

Maybe someone could use some very small words, in crayon, to tell me
what exceedingly simple thing I'm missing.


Eric  "It's cool to have, uhhh, cooling"
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