[s-cars] Cheap/effective FMIC option w/ Sex and free beer

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 16:32:29 EST 2006

Read this, did Dawson have to do anything on his 
original D.I.C.K. FMIC build?

3. We had to build up the 2.5" alum pipe to an OD of 2.75 to fit
the turbo outlet hose. Dunno why Audi did this, and it was
a PITA for a beginner welder. We rolled up a piece of sheet AL
into a tube of 2.75" OD, cut slits in that and bent in to 
the 2.5" pipe and welded it enough so I could smooth it with
a die grinder (it sounds easy enough...)

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