[s-cars] Hardwired V1

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 10:01:33 EST 2006


mine is currently mounted above the rear view mirror, with the power
cable routed above the headliner, down the a pillar behind the trim to
the bottom of the dash.

Behind the "kick panel" under the dash there is a point where you can
tap into for power. I selected the one that is on/off with the

I also have my Remote display integrated into the instrument cluster,
here is a pic of the display.

And here is a link to a how to guide Dean Ferrera wrote about
intregrating the remote display into the IC: 

And I also installed a mute foot switch on the floot, here is a pic:

My next project is to completely hide the V1, I had one confiscated
while driving through Canada and don't want that to happen again. My
plan is to have an old radar detector in the glove box, that way if
detect my V1's signal then I can hand over the old POS one and not the
V1 because it will be safely hidden.


--- Ronald Whiton <dooksniffer at gmail.com> wrote:

> S-folk,
> I know some of you have done this.
> What power source did you tie into?
> Where did you mount it?
> I'm not looking to integrate into the dash, I just can't stand
> looking at
> the cord any longer.
> Any and all thoughts appreciated.
> Ron Whiton
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