[s-cars] Da bomb! Brake bomb, that is...

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Wed Mar 8 14:30:31 EST 2006

Eric, I just had the luxury of replacing the return line.
Mine light was coming on intermittedly for a while, then one fine cold day 
the return line split.
It's below the brake MC, and ducks behind the ABS pump.

My cost for the stealer 321 CAD.
It was a bitch to do, of course. Luckily being very cold up here that week, 
my mechanic did it, and I just had to pay the bill.

You may want to look at that hose.

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>I have mentioned this before, and got some great feedback.  So now, we
> narrow down the possiblities.
> Did the "push the pedal and count" for bomb testing.  Lost track after
> 22.  Bomb is good.
> Light stays on 20 seconds after start up, every time
> So, I need to look at the servo return line, right?  Where is that?
> And if it keeps dripping, I need to replace the servo, right?
> Also, I've heard that crud collects in the little screens on the ends
> of the hydraulic hoses, and that this can cause slow pressure build
> up.  (And the brake light to stay on for some time, until the pump can
> accumulate pressure in the bomb again.)
> Which lines to look at first?  And stuff *not* to do when take them
> off/putting them back on?
> Thanks,
> Eric "sorting the brakes one portion of the system at a time."
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