[s-cars] Garret GT2871RS vs GT3071

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Thu Mar 9 01:56:46 EST 2006

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What are  you looking at getting for the 3071? What condition is it  in?

This reply is for Emre, and the other 20 folks that have asked about the  
3071 that I have... just to reduce the emails I have to reply to.
The 3071 is a great option.  It hits earlier than an RS2, but makes  
substatially more power.  It will pull strong to about 7k rpm, but will not  continue 
to pull hard to 8k rpm as a 30R will.
Software... I would use the "typical" RS2 stuff available through Steve  
Eiche or Bob Pastore.  I would run it with RS2 injectors.  Everything  else I 
would leave alone.  You certainly can run Hap's software with 440cc  injectors, 
but I would consider that overkill for the size of the 3071.
The turbo I have is basically as good as new.  It has very limited run  time 
on it, and was only used as a test.  I could sell it with a K26  hotside, or 
as a "full" Garrett product, with either the .63 or .82 turbine  housings.
Cost... I wouldn't be willing to sell it for less than $1150, as it costs  
$1350 new.

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