[s-cars] MRC Chip = Red Rocket!

Brian Armstead barmstea at IBB.GOV
Fri Mar 10 09:37:47 EST 2006

Fellow listers,

Finally got a chance yesterday to install my MRC modified ECU.  I've
owned a few turbo Audis, but this is the first I've ever had chipped. 
The ECU removal procedure was simple.  Word of caution though, if you've
had any high end stereo gear installed, make sure there are no wires
underneath the carpet before you do the mandatory cutting to access the
ECU.  My brain switched on at the last minute before cutting (a rare
occurrence!) and I found a ton of wires right in the path of my intended

Working with Bob Myers is straightforward and easy.  He's a real pro and
keeps his word on when you will get back your ECU.  Thanks Bob for your
professionalism and making your number available in case I got stuck
with ECU removal.

As for the mod itself:  YEEEEE HAH!  I know I'm not telling most of you
anything, as a lot of you have even more powerful cars, but I could not
believe the transformation.  The redline comes FAST, and you can feel
the power come on even harder mid range.  It's quite an upgrade for the

The Stromung exhaust sounds even sweeter now!  I highly recommend
chipping to those who have not done it yet, and I highly recommend Bob
and his MRC chips.

All I need now is to get some BIRA brakes on the car, and I'll be set.

NAC - Consumer Reports will be on my XM program tonight.  Channel 169 at
midnight eastern.  They'll talk about the 2006 Car Buyers Guide and how
they come up with the rankings.  I was in CT at their headquarters
(freezing my a$$ off last week) to see their road test facility.  Very
impressive.  866.801.8255 if you'd like to join in.

Fast 93 S4

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