[s-cars] Dyno Day in Vancouver on Dyno Dynamics at Rocket Rally Racing

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Sat Mar 11 22:24:54 EST 2006

It was a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver and the drive to Squamish was

Using a Dyno Dynamics all-wheel-drive dyno, 6 UrS cars took turns. We
were at sea level and the ambient temperature was 10 degrees C.

Dave F (UrS4boy) - S4 RS2, FMIC (034Motorsports), MRC chip, 1.9 bar WG
spring, 94 pump plus toluene, 269/?. His graph was all over the place.
After putting the stock spring back in, 289/304.

George - 1997 S6 Stock. 215/220, 92 pump gas. Nice flat torque curve.
The owner swears its not chipped, but we think otherwise and the carpet
is cut.

Gabriel (Iskolnick) - S4 MRC chip, 91 pump gas, 208/249, some misfire
under load, possible bad coil.

Rob S (Skiguy) - S4 RS2, MRC chip, Stromung, 94 pump gas, 268/? Car was
sitting for 3 months.

Dave L - S4, RS2, Pastore chip, 94 plus toluene, 317/?

Sean D (quattro20v) - 1997 S6, RS2, Dahlback (aka MTM), 94 pump,
297/304. Slight dip at 4400 rpm.

The Dyno Dynamics typically reads lower than Mustang, Dyno-jet and
Dynapack. On a Dyno Dynamics, some say to multiply whp by 1.3 to get
crank HP, I think its closer to 1.25.

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