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Joe Pizzimenti joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 16:24:44 EST 2006

You won't be happy going from the MX to the 512's.  The dry grip just isn't

Why not just go for a set of RA-1's?  ;)

Tirerack has Kumho MX in 255/40/17 for 133 a corner.


On 3/13/06, pkrasusky at ups.com <pkrasusky at ups.com> wrote:
> In the Baloney spirit of "let's mount up street rubber while it's still
> winter and see what happens", I figure it's time to find a replacement
> set of streeties.
> Anyone have good sources for CUMho MX's?  Last season I'd called around
> everywhere and they were pretty tough to find in a 255 (maybe they're
> discontinued?).  Ended up buying Pizzo's 2x trackers and used what was
> left of them.
> If not, I've seen a number hear praising them Falken Ziex 512's or
> whatever, and the BFG KDW's or whatever.  I like the near-$100 price
> point, so unfort. F1's are outtie (some have a crack smoke habit - I'm
> on tires).  How you compare the 512's to an MX?  I dug those, like
> pencil erasers heh heh.  T1S are out, guess would also consider HTRZ
> II's.
> The world is my roadcoarse (Johnny L be damned), wet / noise / wear is
> irrelevant.  Grip, grip, grip, 255, and price are.
> Thoughtlessness appreciated and expected.  TIA!
> -Paul baby needs new shoes K.
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