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So its 245(or 255)/40-17 and not 45 series?  Will I experience more tramling on my (stock w/new front struts) comparibly fresh 80k suspension?
Why I figure with 255's the squirrels in my neighborhood wouldn't stand a chance.
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If you want to blow money, go up to Canada, get a box of Cohibas and light
'em up
while blowing those colorful Canadian Dollars at one of the fine dancing
in Montreal. :-)

Slight correction- OEM fitment for the C4 S cars is 245/40R17, not 45

Falken RT-615s beat Kumho MXs- Grassroots Motorsports did an excellent tire
comparison of all the popular street tire contenders and the Kumho MX is not
to the Falken RT-615 or the Hankook Z212.

Are you bluing the whole tire or just the outside shoulder? If just the
outside shoulder, I'd crank your camber plates to get more negative camber-
maybe 2 degrees or so? I never had any heat issues running 255s on my 200,
and that's including track days. A friend of mine killed a set of 225/45R17
SP9000s in one autox. :-) Not surprising considering that I had serious
understeer and grip issues running 225s. I went to 255s and the car was much
better, much more grip, much less understeer (probably only due to more

RT-615s don't really look like street tires- if you like the big shoulder
blocks of the MX, the 615 will look like a slick with much less void area.

My 615s are on their way.... I'm hoping for permanently warmer weather soon-
this drop to 40 degrees is killing me.


On 3/14/06, pkrasusky at ups.com <pkrasusky at ups.com> wrote:
> Taka hebe'd:
> <<<I'll be running Falken RT-615 this summer because I'm cheap and poor.
> Next best thing to the Advan and Bridgestones>>>
> Heh heh heh.  I prefer to call it "single income".
> Tho, that aside, seriously, I do find it *very hard* to justify spending
> $400 more for a set of rubber I'm just going to mutilate regardless of which
> I get.  Be better of laying 400 $1 bills on my front seat and commute around
> fastlike with my windows open.  Or use a lighter and ignite them, maybe
> lighting a fine Macanudo with each like the Monopoly Man?  No thanks - I can
> put the $ saved into more attempts in chasing down front end clunks!  30k on
> tires.  HA!  Yer funny 8-).  Remember my tires are near blue and well beyond
> wear bars when them come off.
> Craig, sorry to hear about your '89 951S - sweet car.  Sigh.  I think that
> made me pucker more than the Michelin prices 8-(.  As Taka outlined for you
> the OE RoW optional UrS size is 245/45/17 but the C5 17x8's come with 255/40
> and fit fine.  I and numerous others here have BTDT on the 255's with no
> issue.
> My et35 Avus give me a full-lock inner fender liner rub but not enough to
> care.  And I think the rears have just *barely* scraped the fender edge 3-4x
> when fully laden / fully compressed over a swell.  BFD to both.  The bigger
> footprint and amount that they fill up the fender well (substantially IMO)
> are well worthwhile.  To me at least, and this is my well used well loaded
> daily driver.
> My buddy Brian's car with identical suspension / wheels but 245 S03's (yes
> the one FS on AF classifieds) alwaysalwaysalways looks goofy when parked
> next to mine, bugs the crap out of him.  And me!  255s look muchmuch the
> part for the C4's IMO.  But again, bigger footprint is good.  Plus it's fun
> sandblasting my arm while resting on the open window sill when the wheels
> are barely turned - no joke, esp. with the sticky MX's.
> Taka / others...  compare them thar RT612's to the MX's?  That one piqued
> my interest.  The MX's do have a really squared shoulder look with them
> gigantor tread blocks, and do look fab on there.  So far it's a tough one to
> beat.  612's do it?
> Tanks gents!
> -Paul you should see my Pilot Snowsport H's - d'oh - K.
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