[s-cars] floor jacks

Richard Beels beels at technologist.com
Tue Mar 14 12:36:29 EST 2006

Crapsman torque wrenches are covered for the ratcheting mechanism but 
not the torque assembly.  If the pawl breaks or gets stripped, they 
will replace the wrench.  They used to have repair kits that sold for 
a penny.  It was worth it for the springs and grease alone.  I spent 
a quarter and cleaned out the local store years ago.  Replaced one at 
zero-dark-thirty once - worth the penny...

The ultimate wrenches are the ones that used to make them for Snap-On 
but I forget their name.  Don't use springs so you can leave it at 
whatever setting you want without fatiguing the tool.

Just found them on the net: http://www.torqwrench.com

At 03-13-2006 at 12:12, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Alex 
Williams's keyboard and said:
>Along with the floor jack recommendations, does anyone have any 
>particular recs for a decent torque wrench? Generally I buy 
>Craftsman tools but it's not carved in stone, especially since I 
>heard that Sears excludes torque wrenches from it's tool return policy.


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