[s-cars] Parts sources and prices - online vs. local

Ian Duff iduff at comcast.net
Thu Mar 16 09:30:53 EST 2006

Here's an odd question: I've been catching up on some deferred maintenance
on my S6, and have been buying dealer-only OEM parts lately. After looking
at Impex www.worldimpex.com as representative of online parts prices, I've
been calling the local stealer to see price and availability locally. In
most cases I've been very pleasantly surprised to find that the part from
the stealer is price competitive, never mind the shipping I'd have to pay on
the Internet-sourced part. In most cases, the part is even available,
eliminating the delay waiting for UPS.

Is Impex not representative? Are there online parts places that have
dealer-only parts for significantly less? Or did Audi finally figure out
that the local dealers are losing out to online parts places, and leveled
the playing field?

-Ian Duff.

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