[s-cars] Double the trouble, double the fun.....

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Thu Mar 16 21:34:51 EST 2006

Yeah.  My wife is insisting I sell one of my S-cars.  So...  :-(

At 11:12 AM 3/16/2006, Postupack, Jeff wrote:
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>You are the one dedicated maniac who could handle 2 S-cars. You gotta
>keep both Fred  you're in another place.
>That 1997 will only be more valuable with time.
>Lord knows Dave Forgie would petition any '97's heading south !
>There's a declining population of great C4- S cars examples on the
>market these days. I think the manual controls and analog gauges are
>really key in the driver position.
>No drop down cascading menus and MMI's!
>(Your experience with that dealer is exceptional
>And lucky for that dealer, you are giving great references here on the
>I have had a similar nearly trouble free experience with my 1993 S4,
>which seduced me into buying another one owner Black/Black 95.5.
>That S6 is now my garage queen until fair weather hits the lower '48,
>the mildly modded S4 is the all weather model!
>Vehicle stability/reliability varies widely.  I know of many owners who
>have all kinds of maintenance troubles and recursive visits to the shop,
>not me at all.
>Why is this?
>One such friend wrote to me after I joined the XM broadcast with B.
>Armstead of how his S car is really troublesome to the point of lost
>I wanna know when the "Fecal matter is going to hit the cyclic
>Rotisserie for me?
>My big mental debate is to MOD or NOT to Mod, that is the S6 question.
>I think I'll  bring the S6 to S Fest 2006 as a bone stock 2nd owner car.
>just to tease everyone about it.
>" Oh Posto you gotta add the GT3071 and the suspension is TOO All Road
>and.. the FMIC Bar and Tube will let it breathe and  yadda On and on.
>While I grin like the cherish cat knowing .. why have one S-car when you
>can have 2 and debate the virtues of mod or sales or whatever.
>It's a lot of fun now, because they're RUNNING.
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>Sounds like a great car and a greater buying experience. Could the car
>have an RS2 urbo and thus cause the lag at shift issue???
>Hap, wit dakine tubo Q not from Evahboost, Maguire
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>I've been feeling kind of left out of all the fun since my '94 S4 has
>so rock-solid over the years and isn't entertaining me with mysterious
>misses, coil failures, hydraulic shenanigans or the like. In a fit of
>madness I bought a sleek black on black '97 S6 this weekend. At 145k km
>nice and tight and oh so quiet. Now I own two of these beasts - what are
>chances they'll both remain trouble-free? :)
>I usually buy my cars privately but I bought the S6 through a used car
>dealer in Toronto. It's been an interesting and unusual experience. I
>viewed the car a month ago, took it for a test drive, had them put it up
>a lift, and listed all the things I saw that needed repairing. The
>said "Right, we'll get that sorted for you". He called back a week later
>said it needed a new MAF to fix the power delivery problem and that
>take some time to get in, so he was taking the car off the market until
>was sorted out and I had a chance to come back down to see it and decide
>whether I wanted it. He replaced the fuel lines, rear diff seals, MTFS,
>front shocks, and freed up the trunk lock cylinder. When I test drove it
>this weekend I thought there was still a bit of a lag after a shift
>so he replaced the BOV and cleaned the throttle body and ISV. Not what I
>would typically expect from a used car dealer - my past experience has
>what you see is what you get unless it prevented the car from getting a
>safety certificate. This guy seems very up-front and seemed to want to
>sure the car was in good condition before it was sold. The dealer was
>Motorcars in Toronto - he sells European makes, primarily Audi, Saab,
>Jaguar, and Land Rover from what I saw on the lot. I'd have no
>about buying another car from him.
>The car passed the MIL and wife test with flying colours. I almost gave
>FIL heart failure when I did a WOT second gear pull on Lakeshore during
>test drive - it's a real beast when the power comes on, I'm wondering if
>it's chipped. The dealer's mechanic was wondering the same thing but I
>did get around to checking to see if the carpet was cut. I'm still not
>completely satisfied that the lag issue after an upshift is resolved but
>guess that will entertain me for a bit getting it sorted out.
>In a massive act of self-denial I've parked it in a garage for the rest
>the winter - I've got to get some use out of the new clutch I put into
>'94 last month. Now I have to decide whether to sell the '94 or use it
>for a
>winter beater....decisions, decisions...
>:) :)
>Fred Munro
>'94 S4 270k
>'96 S6 145k
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