[s-cars] 3071 turbo & Pastore RS2 code question

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--- _fish_ --- _barrel_ --- cannot resist such simple provocation
sometimes...  all in good fun.  Or something.
Damn Joey, impressive geology skills you gots there.  You nailed it, my
house is 742, and my mom's house is a whopping 999.

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Sorry, but the s-car is equipped with an altitude sensor.  Where paul is
in CT, it is a whopping 742 feet above sea level.

I think Canadian cars are just weaker than US cars.

Unless you're driving on water.


On 3/21/06, Dave Forgie <forgied at ae.ca> wrote: 

Paulie tooled:

"  "Just a fact, not speculation"...  sometimes you're too much Davey."

The "fact" part was about air at sea level being more dense than say air
Denver or maybe even Connecticut and that for a given amount of fuel, 
this will result in a higher (leaner) Air/Fuel ratio at sea level.

Gee, if I was wrong about that, I must have missed that day in Grade 6
science class.


Dave F.

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