[s-cars] Motor & Tranny mounts

jpb3 jpburns3 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 16:30:29 EST 2006


I have an increased amount of driveline slop and overall "unsmoothness" at
high RPMs' or road speed.  I know alot can contribute to this but I have
replaced all of the bushings in the front end as well as subframe mounts in
addition to a brand new suspension and 2B camber plates.  Recently I have
had trouble getting the car into 1st gear at a standstill and when I do a
hard 1 to 2 shift sometimes it says NO..ie doesn't want to go.

Based on lurking here and Audidoodie world I have surmised that the only
thing left are the motor, tranny, and snub mounts which I am going to
purchase in short order.

Question is the tranny mounts don't look all that bad and the motor mounts
look fine....could most of this slop be attributed to the snub mount?  Car
has 117K on it (95.5).  Is the job of R&R the motor and tranny mounts a
PITA? Any tips or suggestions?


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