[s-cars] Motor & Tranny mounts

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Wed Mar 22 22:16:02 EST 2006


I just did my engine mounts and it did make a difference in driveline
slop. The original ones didn't look bad to me, but I guess given the age
and mileage, these things wear out.

You may also consider the rear diff mounts as well, I plan on changing
mine soon.


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> Gents,
> I have an increased amount of driveline slop and overall 
> "unsmoothness" at high RPMs' or road speed.  I know alot can 
> contribute to this but I have replaced all of the bushings in 
> the front end as well as subframe mounts in addition to a 
> brand new suspension and 2B camber plates.  Recently I have 
> had trouble getting the car into 1st gear at a standstill and 
> when I do a hard 1 to 2 shift sometimes it says NO..ie 
> doesn't want to go.
> Based on lurking here and Audidoodie world I have surmised 
> that the only thing left are the motor, tranny, and snub 
> mounts which I am going to purchase in short order.
> Question is the tranny mounts don't look all that bad and the 
> motor mounts look fine....could most of this slop be 
> attributed to the snub mount?  Car has 117K on it (95.5).  Is 
> the job of R&R the motor and tranny mounts a PITA? Any tips 
> or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> John
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