[s-cars] 993TT Big Red UrS-car brake upgrade, part numbers.

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 14:25:09 EST 2006

In my search for part numbers sources, I have found this:


I do believe it is complete, and current (being from the middle of Nov. 2005).

For those contemplating this particular BBK, this is a fine summary.

Of course, for those wishing to spend an extra $600 or so, the Porsche
rotor rings and hats are NOT covered by this parts list (which will be
obvious if you open the link, LOL.)

Gonna call Sunset tonight and get the bolts and dampeners.  I'm going
to skip the wear sensors and holders, and short out the sensor leads
on the car currently.  The SS lines will come from StopTech, and as
soon as I have part numbers, I'll pass those along.  Matt Weiss says
he has the right ones.  I'm waiting to hear back from him.

The pads (or so I have heard) mentioned in this list are good for
street applications.

Now, for the archive searchers, some keywords:

993tt, Big Red, RS2 caliper brackets, 323x30 A8 rotors, big brake kit,
brake upgrade.

Happy modding,


P.S.  Hap - I notice your sig line suggests some Hawaiian roots.  But
WTF does some haole know, anyway?  :)

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