[s-cars] The truth about a FMIC "scam" accusation.

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Mon Mar 27 13:55:03 EST 2006

Well so much for trying to keep the "accuser" and the "teller" anonymous to the list. (I tried).   

I do wonder why both you (Paul) and Joey have to slip in comments that appear to question my "manliness" (or something) when making comments.  Francis?  Hushpuppies?   

You guys are just too much.  I mean over the edge, the limit.

Dave F.

>>> <pkrasusky at ups.com> 03/27/06 10:22AM >>>

Dave Francis'd:

<<<Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 09:26:26 -0700
From: "Dave Forgie" <forgied at ae.ca>
Subject: Re: [s-cars] The truth about a FMIC "scam" accusation.

When I contacted the person who told my accuser the "scam" story "as he
heard it" (from persons unnamed), I was told that I was a "Stanley"
(which I take to be a "tool") and that I should "get over it". I think
somebody started a nasty rumour and a couple of listers with big mouths
perpetrated this rumour to the point of slander. I obviously am not able
to let it go without at least trying to clear my name. I trust that
anyone who may have heard this rumour from someone will now understand
that there was no "scam" and that I was completely honest in the whole
thing. Too honest for some people apparently.  

Dave F.>>>


It's me!  The "Teller!!!!".  I feel dumber for having read all this.
Anyone else?

Er, I never said "get over it" - it was "lighten up".  Quick!  Look over
your shoulder!  They're out to get you!!!  The world conspires against
you.  Beware!  Geeze.  And yes, Stanley was in reference to what I saw
of you from my quick peek @ AW when I was looking for your "SCAM" scare.
You're pretty brazen there, and, well, if the Hush Puppies fit...

So you can get your beauty sleep tonight know I never uttered the word
"scam" to Joe.  I merely recounted the story, verbatim, that you just
told, when it came up in a casual convo.  Mutual non-lister friend of
Tom & mine had mentioned it to me one day when we were discussing how
painful AW is.   

Joe decided apparently to call you a scammer on AW I guess?  Well that's
Joe for you, and, AW.  And it was told in passing really, when Tom's
name had come up.  Tom, BTW, has got to be _the_ nicest most harmlessest
soul in the freakin universe - all round great guy always trying to help
- very selfless and cool as hell / funny to boot.

Joe is the only person I had shared it with (serves me right I guess)...
but now you in your paranoia have with the whole list.  No worries, your
"reputation" is in tact.  Shoes seem to fit well methinks...

SORRY (!!!)  all for the WOB.  It's Monday - Soap Opera Bandwith (SOB) I

-Paul The Teller K.

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