[s-cars] Mystery Oil Leaks and Power Steering system questions

Brian DeWyngaert Jr brian.dewyngaert.jr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 18:16:04 EST 2006

All fellow s-listers,
   I have a wee engine oil leak, that seems to be splattering oil
above, below and to the sides of the oil pressure sender.  So my
question is, could this be a leaking pressure sender or something more
Surprise I also have a wee leak in my Power Steering pump.  This leak
seem to be coming not from the top X screw, but on the opposite from
which the X screw sits.  I am also seeing signs  weeping on the PS
pump where the return hose, to the overflow tank,  connects to the PS
pump.  This all started oh 8 or so months ago when I had my PS system
flushed by a local shop.  I fell for the sell on the BG system P.S.
flush.  In my case it was more out of desperation since, I accidently
hooked my motive power bleeder full of ATE super Blue up to the P.S.
Resivoir and successfully power flushed brake fluid into the resivoir
and ended up with P.S. fluid in my motive bleeder tank.  (a rather
embarassing situation, I might add since i had only had the car for
umm a couple months. I chaulk that experience upto not double checking
what I was about to do before I did it. anywho)  I think i may have
damaged the seals inside the P.S. pump.  I have seen the list traffic
that recommends spokehane <sp> for rebuilding of the J-Hose, but do
they do P.S pumps as well or are there alternatives?  Thanks for your
help in advance.

94 S4 - NoVa

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