[s-cars] Midyear Voltage Regulator Cutover on a Canadian 94 S4?

James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
Mon Mar 27 18:25:29 EST 2006

Go with the 110A version, that's what I did on my 93 S4, worked like a
charm... Here's a write up I did:



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Looking to change my well worn voltage regulator / brushes. Here's the
pinch. In speaking with SJM there was a cutover on the alternator from
110A to 120A mid year on the 94 S4 at VIN# 4A-R-009756.

The 110A version uses 068 903 803D (now obsoleted by Audi but available
aftermarket). The 120A uses 028 903 803D (Bosch only part) that has
smaller brushes for the smaller commutator.

Easy enough, but my Canadian S4 has a vin ending in RN072092 so your
guess is as good as mine how that ties to the above - and I can't easy
see the p/n on my altenator.

Maybe I just order the cheap 110A version and keep my fingers crossed...
any ideas from other Canadian cars?

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