[s-cars] Dyno Tunes and Big Fans...

Jim Green jim.green at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 23:41:41 EST 2006

On 3/29/06, CaptMagu at aol.com <CaptMagu at aol.com> wrote:
> s-heads
> The dyno time my car has been racking up of late was not on the Dynojet at
> Mac Autosport in Parker CO. This dyno has been used many times by Dave
> Dawson,
> Jim Greem and myself to data log the mods on our respective cars. This
> recent
> tuning effort   was on the Superflow Autodyn SF-883 at Carz Custom in
> Lakewood
> CO. It seems to me that this dyno is far more conservative than the one at
> Mac. My car pulled 312 hp with 7 lbs of boost last Saturday and today,
> Mike
> Pederson's full RS2 urS6 with FMIC pulled 267 hp with 22 lbs. Factor in a
> 20%
> driveline loss and you get a very reasonable 320.4 at the crank.
> They also received a new gift today in the form of the wind tunnel quality
> fan setup that ASW used to have compliments of Dave Jones. With this fan
> there
> is no need to fear overheating on the dyno. More info to follow as we
> crank up
> the volume so to speak. I just thought you guys would like to know.
> Nice Hap, what do they charge for a baseline run?

Jim Green
'89 90 GT35R quattro
'89 80q

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