[s-cars] Faulty new cps?

Ronald Whiton dooksniffer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 07:42:21 EST 2006

I'm not sure if this made it to the list as I didn't see it in the
archives.  Sorry if it's a repost.

Yes, my no start condition continues.  After installing a new cps and fuel
pump to no avail, I decided it was time to invest in the VAG-COM tool.  With
laptop and interface in hand I was excited to finally find out just what the
hell is wrong with the hibernating pig.
Unfortunately this is what I found:
00515  Camshaft position (hall) sensor (G40)
        01-10 signal shorted to plus - intermittent
00515  Camshaft position (hall) sensor (G40)
        04-00 mechanical malfunction
00513  Engine speed sensor (G28)
        03-00 no signal

So I guess my only question is has anything like this happened to anyone
Is there a way to test the functionality of the cps?
I guess I will wait to order the (G28) until I determine if I need another
new cps.  :-P

Any and all thoughts appreciated.

Ron Whiton

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