[s-cars] Cleaning Glass and seats

AUDIJIM at aol.com AUDIJIM at aol.com
Fri Mar 31 14:42:32 EST 2006

That's for the great input towards my question. Thanks for correcting my 
spelling of Lexol. I was shooting from the hip when I sent that e-mail from my 
Treo and I just knew someone would correct me!

To answer a couple questions: 

Monkey lad? (YES!)  

Why would there be Lexol on the windows? There's nothing leather
there. (I've asked myself that since I purchased the car) 

What evidence exists that convinced you that the spots/film was Lexol? 
(The car was freshly "treated" with way too much Lexol and I called the 
previous owner on it as soon as I sat in the car. He was amazed that I even knew 
the smell and the fact that I said he was using too much to possibly cover 
something up. I think he just went overboard trying to "shine" it up) 

Sloppy application by a monkey lad? (BINGO!)


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