[s-cars] Audi "Streets of Tomorrow Ride and Drive", or...

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Tue May 2 11:04:21 EDT 2006

Then again, what is the point of having a 260hp A3 2.0T quattro when
the 3.2already
has that kind of output and the R32/R36 will handily exceed that power level
at a much
lower price?

The only consideration would be that the VW has a horrible dealership
network and service and the Audi dealers are only a tiny bit better. I've
had every local VW dealer try to rip me off.


On 5/2/06, Steve Marinello <smarinello at entouch.net> wrote:
> Does that line from the marketing guys mean that the 3.2 has a different
> gas
> tank or does it mean that they don't want to tell the truth that they only
> planned to market the 2.0T quattro in the S3, the power output of which a
> nice chip upgrade will do to the current FWD cars for under $600?

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