[s-cars] Audi "Streets of Tomorrow Ride and Drive", or...

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at ntplx.net
Wed May 3 00:53:17 EDT 2006

Taka Mizutani wrote:
> Is that the latest explanation? Last year, they said it was due to 
> emissions recertification with a different gas tank system, which 
> costs a lot. The 3.2 has commonality with the TT in terms of the gas 
> tank, that's why they got it out much faster.
> Taka

At least they were consistent in that he still said it was a gas tank 

It might have been my error, I was talking to one of the Audi folks von 
Deutschland and he said gas tank and I said crashworthiness and he 
agreed so it might have been a mis-communication.

To answer Steve's later post, he wasn't the marketing type Paul referred 
to who only wanted to "turn up the bass", he was more the engineering 
type who seemed like he might actually give you an honest answer (I'm 
one also so I can sometimes spot them).

> On 5/2/06, *Frank Stadmeyer* <stadmef at ntplx.net 
> <mailto:stadmef at ntplx.net>> wrote:
>     At the present time, the A3 2.0T is not available with quattro in the
>     US due to the quattro gas tank being unsatisfactory for crash-
>     worthiness. The Audi folks I spoke to said they were working on
>     fixing that.
>     Frank

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