[s-cars] CV Boots and broken CV joint

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Wed May 3 14:35:41 EDT 2006

Quoting "lebakken1 at netzero.net" <lebakken1 at netzero.net>:

> Blau or GPR might have a whole axle for not much more than a single CV.
> I have (8) CV boots in a box that I will be putting on in the next few weeks.
> I don't plan on a complete CV rebuild (solvent clean/repack), just wipe out
> as much of the old grease as possible, repack with new, then reboot.
> Fortunately, my boots are not torn, although, if things progress as usual,
> they will tear in the next couple of weeks now that the list has been
> infected with the Torn CV Joint Boot affliction.


I'm doing (done) all 8 boots as well, but I had a problem with the rear outer 
joints. I found out the hard way that the circlip must be removed *before* 
popping off the outer CV. Unlike the fronts, which can be popped off with the 
circlip in place.

I ended up breaking the inner races on both sides until I realized my mistake. 
The Bentley manual does not mention this critical step. The circlip is 
different than the front and has 2 small "ears" on it. I still an not clear on 
how this comes out and goes back in.

I ended up picking up 2 used axle assemblies and I'm not going to attempt to 
get the outer joint off. I may try and remove the inner which is much easier 
and slide the new boot all the way over the axle.

If you have any tips on the outer rear, it would be appreciated.



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