[s-cars] Sunroof problem

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Wed May 3 13:31:00 EDT 2006

You don't need to remove the motor to reset things (rotary switch models).

Crank it closed, ignition off.

Turn on ignition. It should stay closed. Cycle all of the functions, just to
be sure (it's an Audi, you know).

Be happy.

Ask me how I know (the pawls on my crank thing are getting a bit worn).


On 5/1/06, Paul Heneghan <paul at heneghan.co.uk> wrote:
> I had this a couple of years ago.  Turned out to be a dying battery.  The
> controller for the sunroof is more sensitive to low voltage.  It seems to
> recalibrate itself and forget where the closed position is.  From memory,
> the fix for me was:
> - buy a new battery
> - remove the motor and housing from the sunroof
> - wind the sunroof to the closed position (using supplied emergency Allen
> key)
> - operate the motor and drive it to the closed position
> - put motor back into position
> Of course, your problems with the sunroof could be something completely
> different!
> Paul
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> Looking for info myself....both of our 93 S4's are intermittently
> choosing to not stay closed.
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