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Hi Igor:

I ordered mine from GPR nearly 10 years ago and have used one but I do have
the original envelope they were packed in.  Part number is 431 407 377 A
which may have been superseded by the part number you reference.  Also could
be that I ordered for a 5KCSTQ.  I do not know the quantity in the
"standard" package.  I received two either because I ordered two (my belief)
or that two come in the package (doubtful).

I used the original top and bottom retaining rings.  The ball joint stud on
the urS is beefier so it takes a little effort to get the boot over the stud
which is when the real effort begins.  I trust you have some picks?  If not
get some.  I got a set from Sears for like $8 without which the job would be
IME impossible.  Add a little grease to the mix and let the games begin.

Nothing needs to be removed other than the obvious separation of control arm
from the strut.

Holler with any questions.



P.S.  The metal x-over went to I am sure a good home just not this one -

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I am about to order those. Here's what I have for p/nos (Audi 200):

1. How many caps in a kit if any?
2. Do I need the new 23mm and 37mm retaining rings?
3. Can I replace those caps w/o axle/control arm/strut removal?

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros
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