[s-cars] Motor mount R/R

Young, Steve sryoung at trane.com
Mon May 8 15:39:36 EDT 2006


I know this should be a straight forward project, but I have run up against
a stumbling block.  Caveat...I have not given this the attention I should
before bothering the collective knowledge base, so an obvious "d'oh" may be
I decided to replace the motor mounts since I had so much of the engine
compartment clear while doing an RS2 upgrade, and I figured the originals
were still on the car @ 140K. I started with the passenger side first. I
can't seem to raise the motor enough (about 2 threads short of clearing) for
the top stud on the motor mount to drop enough and clear the bracket for
removal. Not enough room to tilt the mount in any direction to clear either.
It appears that maybe I need to loosen both motor mounts and raise the motor
straight, instead of trying to tip it to one side?? Any words of wisdom?? 
I get to certain height, and then the whole chassis starts to raise. I
figured I might be out of lateral twist when jacking from one side only.  Do
I need to remove the snub mount?
I searched Audifans FAQ, Charlie Smith's site, and S-Cars.org.  Is there a
write-up out there I missed?
TIA...from the bonehead, I'm not usually this thick, S-head in NY


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