[s-cars] Motor mount R/R

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Mon May 8 17:26:22 EDT 2006

I just did this about 2 months ago. You need to undo both side and jack the 
motor straight up. This will give you enough room to manoeuver the mounts out.

I think I removed the front snub mount too.

Sean Douglas

Quoting "Young, Steve" <sryoung at trane.com>:

> Listers...
> I know this should be a straight forward project, but I have run up against
> a stumbling block.  Caveat...I have not given this the attention I should
> before bothering the collective knowledge base, so an obvious "d'oh" may be
> lurking.
> I decided to replace the motor mounts since I had so much of the engine
> compartment clear while doing an RS2 upgrade, and I figured the originals
> were still on the car @ 140K. I started with the passenger side first. I
> can't seem to raise the motor enough (about 2 threads short of clearing) for
> the top stud on the motor mount to drop enough and clear the bracket for
> removal. Not enough room to tilt the mount in any direction to clear either.
> It appears that maybe I need to loosen both motor mounts and raise the motor
> straight, instead of trying to tip it to one side?? Any words of wisdom?? 
> I get to certain height, and then the whole chassis starts to raise. I
> figured I might be out of lateral twist when jacking from one side only.  Do
> I need to remove the snub mount?
> I searched Audifans FAQ, Charlie Smith's site, and S-Cars.org.  Is there a
> write-up out there I missed?
> TIA...from the bonehead, I'm not usually this thick, S-head in NY
> Regards,
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