[s-cars] J-Hose fix upcoming...

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Mon May 8 17:00:23 EDT 2006

Oh, yes - the J-hose, she ist kaput.  Leaking pretty good, nice pool
o' Pentosin on my undertray.  I noticed the thing has banjo bolts -
when I send this to Spokane House o' Hose, do they ship me back crush
washers with that?  Or do I need to source those?  (The "where" of the
source would be good, LOL.  Thanks.)

Kinda funny - I was fooling around with my new Stratmosphere BPV, and
dropped it, and it went right through to the tray.  Found the tray
missing some hardware, and haven't got a line on *that*, either.  Does
anyone sell undertray screw-type  hardware?  Anyway, once I was under
there, I noticed fluids.  Hmm, not good.  I guess when I put on my
FMIC, I'll be doing a j-hose r&r.  Anyone special I should talk to at

Any neato screens in lines I should clean while I've got the lines
loose?  I'm going to change the fluid, and add a fin&tube PS cooler in
the place of the stock IC, so I'm hoping that any wisdom that exists
could be imparted.  :)

Finally, there seems to be a bit of confusion on my part - the springs
on the '92 S4 do actually lower the subsequent models?  S-cars.org
says yes - about 3/4"  But supposedly EKTA says they're all the same
part no.  I would like to know before I go out and buy exact replicas
for my springs, when really what I want is the stiffer, shorter '92



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