[s-cars] Audi "Streets of Tomorrow Ride and Drive...the nextday"

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Tue May 9 15:28:49 EDT 2006

OK, I resemble that remark 8-).  I *did* manage to bring said TR home
Sun. out of hibernation.  For not even changing the oil or doing more
than inflate the tires / replace battery / drive doors off of, gotta
tell ya folks, me Lucas car sure is <<<paling>>> my pair 'O Deutschebag
cars with the "rings" in terms of reliability.  Sad.  Going to start
commuting with it again come fall oh yes.

Going back to the preeeeeevious subject of this, Mikey's looking @ P
cars.  HA!  Mikey's been violating der Nordscheilfe.  More HA!  Love it.
GAMER!  My vote is Cayman mit ceramic oh yes.  I was all over a 997C4S @
LRP in the GT3, my bet is Cayman would have been better a match.  And
the ceramic rings on der GT2 clamp down its 610 (chipped) muscle with
repeated abusive aplomb, indeededly.  It's almost insulting that you
nearly cannot overwhelm them I tell ya heh heh, and they *will* pull
fillings out of yer face.  In the immortal wordz of Paul, Mikey, I say
"do it, _pus_say_ " 8-).  Gots to compete with das Jones' (Amoroso)
afterall now dontchya?  Match his Elise and show him who's boss?

Going back to the preeeeeevious previous subject of this, I'm just now
returning from the 10th annual Tit Event here, a/k/a the BMW / Susan B.
Koman Breast Cancer Drive for a Cure (BMWSBKBCDfaC I guess?).

Fuchque Audi's SoTRaD yes, *this* is what Audi should be doing.  Who
needs a timed coned course when the world is your oyster and they chuck
you (and all your friends - simultaneously) the keys and say "see you in
20".  MUwahahaahahaaha, pardon, very.  What's now officially Team JNR
(Just Not Right), which has recently diversified and recruited some new
recruits (a/k/a Domo Oregato Mr. Rossato and Jimmmaaaaaaay and Norm
here), has just successfully completed yet another shenanigan riddled

Bob showed up early and pre-violated a 1/2 dozen-odd variants, to which
he aptly notes the tip trannies in both the 550i and 650Ci Cabbie are a
woeful match to the rest of otherwise highly enjoyable cars.

Jimmy & I showed up and took Bob f& I for a quasi-leisurely 750iL whomp
and we scouted out 'obstacles' and 'detours'.  Bob left and I took Jimmy
in a 330i Cabbie.  Meh, so so car, uninspiring tranny, tin can intake,
great torque, nice ebrake induced cavitating hole shot mo fo beoch -
ooops - I mean,um, radio sounded good.  

Then Jimmy & I blasted off in a pair 'o Z4 3.0 Sport's - ala
fighterplane style.  Now THERE has got to be THE most underrated car
I've read about then experienced.  Not heard a single good thing about
them to date.  I'll be <<<damned>>> if those weren't simply just a BOX
'O FUN, and far and away the best most enjoyable cars there.  Point and
throttle steer, tip paddles on both sides of wheel for up and down,
awesome throttle, great balance, terrific sound, much fun.


Returned to Norm jumping in 550i as I manned up the 650Ci and Jimmy
again the 750iL.  Three 5 liter V8's.  Three <cough> responsible adults.
Add begun to suddenly drizzle.  Traction control 'off'.  Add throttle.

More shenanigans.  It's JNR.

650Ci is a very enjoyable car, dynamically.  Ergonomically, the seating
position is good, nice cabin, but SCAREWWWWWW the rest of all the JUNK
those things come with.  WTF?  Ruins an otherwise dynamite throttle
mashing delight.  Stupid turn signal stalks (yes two of them) that do
not 'detent' they just 'invoke' signals (default is 3 blink or all on.
Forget turning them off.  Stupid iDrive, took me too long to learn how
to turn down radio.

All in all, mileage (JNR style) for a good cause, and a very good time.
Very unlike SoTRaD.  Say no more.  Er, besides - shenanigans.

It's Just Not Right.

-Paul blame Baloney K.

ps.  Spring '06 off to a good start, Team JNR also successfully
completed Mission:  Undisclosed Brooklyn Location ala Hurtz Lincoln LS -
which now weighs significantly less in rubber and more in grass weeds.

*YWtT - YCHTT - You Wan The Truth You Can't HANDLE the Truth

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But Bill, weren't the Italian cars the ones that made owing a British,
on Lucas equipped MG or Triumph sports car seem like a "reliable" 1960's
thru 1970's car choice? 

BTW, isn't that a miss-spelling in the URL?  Shouldn't it read

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>That said; these are old, old, old cars and damn near 
>impossible to find one without some "little" issue. I would 
>give up all these R's, S's, turbo's and practicality for some 
>of this 8C Eyetalian sugar: 

>Bill~who cares if it has a motor~M

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