[s-cars] Re Samco Hose and MAF

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed May 10 12:43:19 EDT 2006

Go here, John.


Use discount code "mothersday" for additional $25 discount through  
May 14.  I got this in an email ad but trashed
the ad already.  No other affiliation, yadda, yadda.

As far as used, don't go there.

I would check the OEM part # for that inlet hose and do a specific  
search on all the online suppliers for one.  There
were some around last year for ~$87, but I suspect that was dumping  
some stuff that had been on the shelf since day
one.  Now, everybody realizes they need one.  Sorry I don't have any  
help there.  Any used ones around are probably
not in any better shape than yours.  If it's cracked where the clamp  
imprints, use some plumbing repair tape that sticks
to itself and a wide band clamp for a while.


> John Tilden asks:

> Looking for source for the SAMCO hose between the Mass Air Sensor  
> and the
> Turbo Inlet.
> My original hose is leaking.
> Any good sources (cheap) for the Mass Air Sensor?
> Rebuilt from Bosch?
> Other alterantives?
> Turbo is OEM at this point. Considering RS2, but low on priority  
> list just
> now as I'm buying a new home!
> John

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