[s-cars] Samco hijack???

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Wed May 10 18:34:34 EDT 2006

> From: Tom Green <trgreen at comcast.net>
> Subject: Re: [s-cars] SAMCO
> To: s-car-list at audifans.com
> ECS usually will tell you up front that they can't keep the hoses in
> stock all the time,
> and whether they have what you want in stock.

The beauty of an 800 number.

> But none of this matters for John, whose request you have just
> hijacked, because
> they don't make the intake hose he needs, as Emre has already stated.

Hijacked?  I was trying to offer useful information, so please excuse me.

I can see that I have not offered useful information, and for that I
apologize.  I actually misread the request - I read it and thought

My apologies - for whatever offense I've committed.  Mostly to Mr.
Kase, for mis-reading his request.

BTW - all the sources I've called on Samco stuff says "6-8 weeks." 
Except ECS, who says "2 weeks."


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