[s-cars] New S6 owner / engine noise

mlp on D530 mlped at qwest.net
Tue May 9 23:23:22 EDT 2006

Just double checking re: the problem description, 

proportional to engine rpm, or ... to wheel speed?  I know you said engine

I'm thinking if it's wheel speed you may be able to eliminate a lot of
things in front of (i.e. engine related) the clutch.  

If on the other hand it's rpm related, & not wheel speed, the focus might
shift from the driveline, i.e. CV joints, drive shaft etc. to some thing
engine related?


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>.....  The frequency is directly proportional to engine speed, 
>and my wild guess is that it is probably on the order 
>of 10 taps per second.  I can hear it the best in the 1500-2500 rpm range.
>I have yet to hear it in first gear.  It seems to make the 
>most noise when the 
>engine is not being quickly accelerated, and it is probably 
>loudest in fifth 
>gear around 40 mph.  

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