[s-cars] Parts List for Suspension

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu May 11 22:57:06 EDT 2006

Thanks for the kudos.

Honestly, this started as a simple project "I think I'll change the
springs and shocks" to "what about the bushings?", to "how are those
control arms?" to "the rear differential seal is leaking" - "oh well, I
guess I'll just install a V8 Torsen differential". Wait a minute, "what
about the rubber do-hickys that hold the differential in" to "hey, maybe
I'll paint everything while I have the chance..." and so it went.



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> Sean,
> You will forever be remembered as the only guy "I" know to 
> rebuild the entire suspension. We're all green with envy, 
> that car must handle very well. I think the way your 
> described the handling is what that car was built for.
> As opposed to tuning my S-cars for track purposes, I want 
> them setup for spirited North Country driving where 
> Tight but compliant suspension, where ground clearance and 
> firm handling under all road conditions (wet, snow or dry) 
> are prudent.
> Bravo man! 
> Thanks for the photos and the parts list, a great work for Tha' List!
> Posto

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