[s-cars] New S6 owner / engine noise

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Fri May 12 10:44:12 EDT 2006


Welcome to S Car Show!

Give me a chance to step into the batters box and take a schwing at this
little issue.

It "could" be that when the trans. was reassembled three years ago, it was
reassembled incorrectly.

Specifically, an oft made mistake comes about whenst the bell housing and
the motour are drawn / bolted back together.

There is a bracket that holds a coolant hose that is suppose to be bolted to
the OUTSIDE of the bell housing via one of the bell housing bolts. 

What happens is this bracket is forgotten about and lost sight of in the
heat of battle in drawing the trans and motor back together in perfect
alignment.  And; as it happens the upper portion of this bracket fits /
slides perfectly into a factory engineered slot that hans en Klaus
engineered between the motor and trans.   It is suppose to be just an open
slot and remain so.

This bracket slips in to this slot so nicely it looks like it is suppose to
be there.  It is not.

Look on drivers side, upper part of bell housing.  There is bracket holding
a hose.  If you can following it down or observe it attached to a bolt
'outside' the bell housing, it is correctly done and not your issue.  

If however it just goes into a slot between the trans and motor, the bottom
half is hitting part of the clutch as it spins.

Don't ask how I know this but I lead the league in trans. installs, a
statistic I am not real happy about.  As they say D'oh!

The bad part is that myself personally could not simply pull this part out
by loosening all the trans bolts and pulling it out cuz it has a bend in it,
i.e. it is not a straight shaped bracket.  I could not pull the trans back
far enough to yank it out without undoing everything once again.  YMMV  You
may be able to cut it off, loosen the tranny bolts and fish it out through
the bottom.. dunno

I hope this is not it, but if it is at least you'll know and have a great
opportunity for the six speed install.  

Let me know if you have ?

Bill~6 gears, 6 installs, 6 SOT hole punches~M



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