[s-cars] Shock Faux Pas?

editor at s-cars.org editor at s-cars.org
Fri May 12 10:46:06 EDT 2006

> Two things.  First of all, Bilstein shocks will result in a slightly
> higher riding height than stock.  Nothing you can do there.  Just the
> nature of the shock.  Secondly, and what I would suspect may be the
> problem, check to make sure the shop put the lower spring perch in
> correctly.  They may have installed it upside down, which would place
> the spring up higher by about an inch.  The spring and perch should sit
> like this:
>    __    ____________    __
> _(__)_|                      |_(__)_
> ....not like this;
>    __                             __
> _(__)_                       _(__)_
>          |____________|
> Hopefully my pathetic ASCII art will not get garbled in the translation.

Or to make it easier, they should NOT look like they do this photo... they
are upside down in the photo.


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