[s-cars] Brake lights on

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Fri May 12 13:02:18 EDT 2006

Red and yellow oh my. Yesterday I started my car and the ABS off and Brake 
light were lit. This was on the drive home last night. Parked in the 
driveway and shut the car off and then restarted it and the lights were off. 
Today did a quick once over and the hydraulic fluid, brake fluid levels are 
fine. Bomb checks out OK ( I think?).

When you do the bomb check, do you merely apply the brakes the 25-35 times 
or try pressing the pedal all the way down each time? I just applied the 
brakes and stopped at 40 X. Is it supposed to get significantly harder or 
maybe I cannot feel it with my lead feet.

ABS sensors need to be checked? How hard are they to pull and press back 
into place.

Any and all tips appreciated.

Harold M
Manchester, NH
96 S6 

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