[s-cars] Shock Faux Pas?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat May 13 10:48:30 EDT 2006


There's two Bilsteins available for your S4, the HD and the Sport. The HDs
are the correct shock for the stock springs, and the Sports are the shorter
shock designed for lowered cars.

You can use Sports with stock springs. You should not use HDs on a lowered

This has been confirmed...multiple times...by Bilstein techs who are
familiar with our cars.


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> Wisemen of Listdom,
> Brought the S4 home from the very trusted, but 
> non-performance oriented shop today with new rear Bilsteins 
> replacing the embarrassingly shot OE units, thinking I was 
> taking the first step down the slippery slope. Was told they 
> would work with slightly lower Eibachs for the next step 
> later. I wanted it stiff, and it is really stiff ! I'll live 
> with that, but, I swear, the back end is lifted.  
> Could the incorrect shock change the ride height? Whatever 
> damping is there is minimal. What is the correct part # for 
> stock or slightly less than stock ride height Bilsteins? 
> After hours of looking at suspension web sites, I've only 
> confused myself further. Did our cars come with some kind of 
> sport suspension option, or are they just talking about 
> aftermarket fitments?
> I've been hanging around this list almost since the 
> beginning, and I should know the answers.
> Yours Stupidly,
> John
> '93 S4
> '02 S6
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